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Sorting the Display of Articles

Sorting preferences determine the display order of articles on your website. The default method is set in the Global Setup form, under the Sort Preferences tab.

Keep in mind that this can be overridden on a particular page with an optional parameter set by a developer in the API calls on your web site, triggered for example by a customer selected sort order option..

There are 16 different sort options. Depending on the method chosen, this can use one or more of these parameters:

  • Group Priority (high to low) (set in each group)
  • Display Priority (archived, normal, featured, etc)
  • Article Sequence (high to low - or - low to high)
  • Display Date (recent, oldest)
  • Display Date by Year and Month Bucket
  • Title (A to Z)

If Display Prirority is included, then if set to Lowest (pins to bottom) or Highest (pins to top) this will override other factors except for articles with the same display priority.

Because there are many different use case for articles, this lets everyone select the option that best suites their needs.

The default method out of the box is:

Group Priority (high to low)
then Display Prirority (highest first)
then Article Sequence (low to high)
then Title (A to Z).

Some other common sort methods used are:

  • Display Priority then Most Recent
  • Most Recent by Month/Year bucket then Display Prioroty then Sequence