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Content is currently under development for Vendors / Supply Chain. When complete you will see a list of all the different documentation sections here that you can go to, including vendor management, purchase orders, receive vouchers, reports, business inteligence, and much more. You will also be able to select these from the menu on top.

In the interim, many of the options, fields, and selection lists have context sensitive help that you can view by holding your mouse over the item.

Purchase Orders

A purchase order is a list of products that you want to order from a single vendor. It includes all of the relevant details such as where to send the products to, a ship date, cancel date, terms, and even line item notes for products. When you are ready to receive products, it also encapsulates the receive vouchers and return vouchers (return vouchers can also be created outside of a purchase order). Of course you can print the purchase order or its vouchers

Return Vouchers Management

In Return Vouchers Management you can search for an existing return voucher or else create a new one.


OmniChannel Commerce has deep supply chain integration, and makes it easy to do reports, create purchase orders, receive stock, handle returns, respond to supply price changes, and automate drop shipments, all with real-time inventory integration.

Further documentation is in Progress...