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Adding Keywords to an Article

OmniChannel Article Management Keyword tab

This is the Keyword tab for a selected article in management.
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When a reader searches on the website (or you search for an article in the admin program), keywords are looked for an exact match. This is different than words in a summary, title, etc., which can have a partial match in the start of a word (example run for running). Only include keywords which are not already in one of the following:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Category
  • Issue
  • Summary

These will be used when a reader is searching within your web site, and they are weighted slightly higher than a word in the summary, but not as high as a match in the title or authors name.

You can add a new keyword directly from this tab by clicking on 'Add New Keyword', which then displays the following. When adding a new keywords do not add the 's' for plural words that end with an 's'. For example: enter "article" instead of "articles". A match to a keyword is case insensitive.

OmniChannel Article Management - Add a Keyword