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What Is OmniChannel Commerce?

March, 2016

OmniChannel Commerce is the future of eCommerce, and it is here today. eCommerce is to simple of a term, failing to describe the real landscape of selling physical products in our digitized marketplace. Even if you are not a huge company, you are competing in an omni-channel environment, otherwise known as a multi-channel market. This can become a very dynamic landscape with lots of moving parts. In simple terms, omni-channel refers to the combination of ‘sales channels’ that include (but are not limited to): eCommerce websites, marketplaces (ebay, amazon,, google shopping, facbeook etc), physical storefronts (POS), phone/direct, mobile point-of-sale, affiliate selling / sales reps, and so forth. OmniChannel Commerce is the landscape of sales channels, fulfillment channels, and all the bits of data inbetween. read more