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Transfering Products between Locations

Creating a New Transfer

From the Inventory menu ribbon, on the Inventory Transfer section click on either the ‘New Transfer Request’ or ‘New Transfer’ menu item.

The Inventory Transfer Request form is for making just a request to transfer inventory. This can also be opened from various forms, such as in a cash register session.

The ‘Inventory Transfer’ form both lets you make a request and received product. When you search for a transfer in Inventory Transfer Management form, this is what is brought up by clicking an item in the search results.


To make a change to an inventory transfer, you must first claim it, which will then also reload the transfer with the latest information. This ensures that only one person can edit a particular transfer at a time. When you create a new inventory transfer and save it you automatically are given a claim.

Selection Location

On the ‘Inventory Transfer’ form, the location sent from and to is selected on the ‘Setup’ panel. You can also enter additional information, such as the primary contact, email, shipping information for the transfer, notes, descriptive tag, and additional options.

On the ‘Request Transfer’ form, you just select the from and to location. Any remaining details are entered by the person who reviews the request using the full featured ‘Inventory Transfer’ form.

Adding Products

On the ‘Inventory Transfer’ form, go to the Products panel and then click on the Search / Add Existing Products’ button. You can also scan in a product id, code, or barcode in the area below and click on the ‘Add’ button.

On the grid of products in the transfer you can directly adjust the quantities to send.

You can open up all products for viewing/editing at once on this screen, by clicking on the ‘Edit All Products’ button in lower right corner.

Note that on the ‘Inventory Transfer Request’ form, since all you can do is add products and select location to transfer to, this is straight forward and intuitive.

Sending the Transfer

Go to the ‘Send’ panel, and click on the ‘Send Now’ button. This then transfers the product into a special location called ‘Inventory Transfer Location’ and the product is removed from available inventory until it is received.

The ‘Send Now’ button, then changes to ‘Edit Sent Quantities’ which will allow you to edit the quantities sent in case you made a mistake.

There is also an ‘Instant Transfer’ button which allows products to be instantly sent and received at the new location, in which case they are not removed from active inventory.

Receiving Product

Claim the transfer, if you have not already done so. Go to the Products tab, and in the grid enter the quantity for each product received. If product was lost during the transfer you can also enter the quantity that was lost.

Click on Save Changes when you are done.

Printing a transfer

Click on the ‘Print’ button on the inventory transfer form. This uses whatever printer you have assigned to ‘Main Default Usage’ in printer setup from within your admin program.

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