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Advanced Manual Order Fulfillment

June, 2016 by Graham Torpey

Manual Order Fulfillment

  • Search the order queue
  • Review order status
  • Load Order Management module
  • Review order summary

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Advanced Returns & Refunds for Online Orders

June, 2016 by Graham Torpey

Processing Returns for Online Orders

  • How to search for an order including completed orders
  • How to void a very recent order that is not in completed status
  • Giving money back to a customer for cash payments
  • Receiving goods back to inventory

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Purchase Orders

May, 2016 by Michael V Khalsa

A purchase order is a list of products that you want to order from a single vendor. It includes all of the relevant details such as where to send the products to, a ship date, cancel date, terms, and even line item notes for products. When you are ready to receive products, it also encapsulates the receive vouchers and return vouchers (return vouchers can also be created outside of a purchase order). Of course you can print the purchase order or its vouchers read more

5 Ways Retailers InfoG

5 Challenges of OmniChannel Business

April, 2016

A recent report found the following 5 issues to be the top challenges facing retailers in the Omni-Channel Market:

    1. Retailers do not have a single view of the customer across all channels

    2. Inventory and order management are not integrated across all channels

    3. Store systems are too difficult to change and adapt to an omni-channel strategy

    4. Mismatches metrics and incentives slow acceptance

    5. Retailers IT systems were not designed to incorporate customer insight across all channels.

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Introduction To Supply Chain Overview

May, 2016 by Graham Torpey

Supply Chain Overview - OmniChannel Commerce has a completely integrated set of supply chain functionality

  • Manage vendor accounts - this is where purchase orders are created and managed
  • Review vendor purchase order history
  • View products sold by vendors
  • Set up and manage purchase orders

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Introduction To Promotions & Discounts Overview Part 1

May, 2016 by Graham Torpey

Promotions and discounts can be defined across multiple sales channels, for example physical storefront(s) and web site(s) can share the same promotion groups, but they don't have to.

  • Use Money Central from the Setup menuitem in the top ribbon and choose the discount tab
  • The three primary types of Promotion groups are: Quantity Discount Methods, Promotion Codes, and Order-wide discounts
  • Promotions can be based on sales groups for products or on customer groups
  • Promo codes is the most popular and easy to use method

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Advanced POS Shipping Holds

June, 2016 by Graham Torpey

Point of Sale Shipping Holds feature allows for an in-store order to be converted to an online order. This can be useful for gift purchases, layaway purchases, or ship to home or third party purchase.

  • In Point of Sale (POS) open a cash register
  • Choose Ship Hold
  • Allows for a POS transaction to convert to an online order
  • Great for in-house orders to be shipped to home or third party drop-ship

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5 Best PracticesTo Get New Customers Through Multi-Channel eCommerce

January, 2016

Learn more ways to optimize your business, in order to get new customers and to generate more business by taking advantage of OmniChannel Commerces integrated platform. read more


May, 2016 by Michael V Khalsa

OmniChannel Commerce has deep supply chain integration, and makes it easy to do reports, create purchase orders, receive stock, handle returns, respond to supply price changes, and automate drop shipments, all with real-time inventory integration. read more