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Assigning Categories to an Article

OmniChannel Article Management Categories tab

These is the Categories tab for a selected article in management.
To see the screen shot in a larger context go to overview.

Add the pertinent categories for an article by selecting it from the list of available categories and then clicking on the Add button. For example, if you add Healing and Aryuveda, then the article will display those tags (if you choose to do so on your website), and if a viewer clicks on one of thos tags, the article will be included in what is shown to them.

An article can have as many categories as desired, although for them to be meaningful it makes sense to limit them to a few. Click on the 'manage' button to setup your categories.

Categories provide an additional way of filtering articles and can be combined with a group and/or other attributes to select a set of artricles. To enable a category to have its own landing page, simply add a url to it in setup, along with any header information to show. Click here to learn about options when setting up categories.