1. Capture Emails

    Inviting visitors to share their email, giving them a promo, or special ‘premium content’ is a cost effective way to get connected with a potential customer. It is easy to do, and effortless to follow up with.

2. Reward for Referrals

    Give your customers incentives to share your site or talk about your business with their friends. Direct referrals are the best, so take the time to figure out how you can incentivize your customers to share your brand with their friends. How you do this always depends on your brand and customers, one suggestion is a social media contest where you reward the top three people for the best post featuring your brand.

3. Advertise Inside Your Packages

    This is especially great for sales that come through other marketplaces. If a sale originates from a channel other than one of your exclusively branded channels then you absolutely need to create an advertisement that has a good offer inside the package. This way the customer can make a connection with your brand, and have a reason to come back to one of your sales channels directly.

4. Use Promo Gift Cards

    This is a great feature inside of OmniChannel Commerce. You can create gift cards that expire for promotional use. For example, if you create a $10 gift card that expires in 30 days, and include it inside a package for an order that originated via Google or Amazon then you can easily incentivize someone to come checkout your site to redeem their $10. Additionally this gift card will be redeemable in your physical storefront or online. If your business has multiple websites you will easily be able to support this gift card across any of your sales channels.

5. Make Your Brand Shareable

    This is a creative process and will vary largely depending on your company, nevertheless there are myriad ways to make your brand shareable. Whatever it is, find ways to share it on social media and be sure to link back to your site. There are a lot of people on social media looking for deals, or cool new companies, and when used wisely social media sites can be an excellent source for new customers.