Customer Acquistion

Every business can become more efficient, sometimes you simply need the right technology to do so. Here are three best practices that our customers recommend implementing to improve your business on OmniChannel Commerce.

    1. Eliminate Tasks That Can Be Automated

    Are you still manually looking up shipping rates and choosing packaging containers? Stop wasting your time. With OmniChannel commerce you can pre-determine your product's dimensions, and then have OCC automatically pick the best carrier and rate (based on the location of your business, your customer, and the contents being shipped). All you need to do is setup the system right the first time, and let it work for you going forward. You can easily adjust rates and tweak settings to adjust for changes in your business, the main point is the importance of eliminating tasks that you and your employees don’t need to be doing.

    2. Expand Into New Sales Channels

    If you have one or two sales channels (ie a website, and/or a storefront), then you can easily have 3 or 4...or more! With minimal work you can easily experiment with listing your products on Google Shopping or Amazon. Test which ones work best for you, it may only be a small percentage of your products. These two channels are low cost to start with, and can return a significant increase in sales. Most of all, customers who purchase from these marketplaces are now accessible to your marketing efforts.

    3. Eliminate Unnecessary Third Party Costs

    Are you using a loyalty program, do you issue gift cards? These are just two features we offer built right into OmniChannel Commerce. There is no need for third party monthly fees for loyalty, or %’s every time a gift card is purchased or used. Set it up once inside of the platform and you are good to go.

In any good business, the establishment and use of automated systems is critical in order to attain economies of scale and sustainability. Let OmniChannel Commerce do as much of the heavy lifting as possible, so you can focus your efforts working on the most important areas of your business.